The Network

Mission Eyes Network is made up of a family of resources for ophthalmologists and other eyecare providers.  Explore missions, work, training, ministry and connect with our networks of doctors in the different global communities that make up the Mission Eyes Network.  Click any title below to learn more.

Global Sight Alliance

    gsa sm

    Global Sight Alliance organizes mission opportunities to direct doctors to find their niche and to improve how we do missions for the 21st century.  It contains a directory of mission agencies and important companies that support missions.  It contains news of important global ophthalmology meetings as well as news from individual mission agencies that post.  

    Resources for working internationally include features such as Baxter's Blog and other articles written by community members.  In addition, a Mission Mart features portable mission products that have been tested for international use.

    Vision Outreach International

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      Vision Outreach International is a short term Christian mission organization specializing in performing and training MSICS surgery at sites around the world.  Started in 1999 by Dr. David Brown, VOI has operated in 5 continents and more than 20 countries.  Vision Outreach has been working towards improving access to MSICS training to North American surgeons via convenient training camps such as "Camp Diego" in Honduras and "Camp D.R." in La Romana, Dominican Republic


        yo2go sm

        Yo2Go is the home for young ophthalmologists who are interested in global ophthalmology.  It works to connect young ophthalmmologists with resources, training opportunities, funding options and connections for global ophthalmology.  Ophthalmology residents participate as liaisons for their programs to keep their fellow residents aware of opportunities and to share about what others are doing and involved in.

        MSICS Online Classroom

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          The MSICS Online Classroom is the ultimate goto resource for learning about manual small incision cataract surgery.  This site contains high quality teaching videos of each step of the procedure along with technique variations and the management of complications.  A community of ophthalmic surgeons from around the globe contributes and connects via this website to discuss anything specific to this technique and improving efficiency and quality of surgery.  

          Christian Ophthalmology Society

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            The Christian Ophthalmology Society began in 1977 at the leadership of renowned neuro-ophthalmologist, J. Lawton Smith of Bascom Palmer.  It has grown over the years and hosts an annual meeting each summer.  This meeting contains one of the best venues to learn about mission ophthalmology and how to become involved.  It is an excellent place for fellowship and friendship for Christian ophthalmologists.  The society has a generous grant program to allow residents, fellows and missionary ophthalmologists the opportunity to attend their annual meeting nearly for free. 

            Opening Eyes


              Openings Eyes is a website that provides a platform to catalog the many different eyecare providers, eye clinics and hospitals and NGOs by country working to prevent needless blindness.  It is a well organized site that anyone can post to and utilize.  

              This project was initiated by Dr. Mike Feilmeier and his wife Jessica.who work at the University of Nebraska.

              Christian Eye Network

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                Christian Eye Network connects eyecare professionals for mission, work and ministry by providing resources and a dialogue ground for being involved in mission and ministry within ophthalmology as well as a job database for Christian practices.  

                This website was founded in 2006 by Dr. Stan Pletcher and eventually gave birth to the Mission Eyes Network and many of the other efforts that have resulted from this effort.